Drinking triple mocha latte while shopping for white dresses


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Just had two slices of wheat toast and now eating some crackers and getting ready to drink a cup of my special triple mocha latte. I wonder if I have been immaculately implanted with the seed of the second Messiah? I hope I can get this overeating under control before I gain too much weight. I have no idea what’s going on with me. Lately I can’t seem to stop eating and it’s getting harder and harder for me to find the energy to workout every day. Thankfully I have been managing to do it often enough to keep the weight gain manageable. Meaning I should be able to lose what I’ve gained once I complete the 5 day fast.

I don’t fast to lose weight but it comes in handy when I’m going through spells like this. It helps me to reset my body and my mind. I’m kind of wondering though if maybe it might be messing with my metabolism.

I’m sitting here still on the Internet where I spend most of my time shopping and fooling around doing a wide variety of nothing.

I was just looking at a picture of Kim Kardashian with her boyfriend Kanye West. She’s wearing a Givenchy Spring 2012 Runway Peplum Cutout Dress. I have to admit Kim and Kanye don’t make sense as a couple to me. She seems less genuine with him somehow like she’s letting him convince her that she’s better than everybody including her family. And she’s also letting him convince her that she doesn’t need anybody but him. Meanwhile he is so over the top with his adulation of her that it’s hard to be convinced that this is anything more than a man obsessed with wanting to possess a woman and it’s all more about him and his obsession and putting on a show than it is about loving her. Not a good thing for her IMO; but what’s my opinion worth anyway? Who the heck am I?

I was also looking at a picture of Nicole Richie and Paula Patton and I’ve been inspired to go shopping for white dresses.

Shopping for white dresses

I’m looking at this Anna Sui Nouvelle dress. The color is really cream but it’s still a white dress. I like the crochet lace style the scalloped hemline and the sleeves; but I have to say the dress doesn’t look too hot on the model.

Anna Sui Nouvelle Dress in Cream

Anna Sui cream crochet lace scalloped hemline ruffle sleeved dress ($525),

Anna Sui cream crochet lace scalloped hemline ruffle sleeved dress
Buy It!

I figure some shoes in the nude to tan family should go nicely with this dress; or maybe even red pumps. I can see wearing it with my nude Louboutin peep-toe pumps and accessorizing with my matching Louboutin nude Pigalle clutch.

Still shopping for white dresses…

I also like this turtleneck sweater dress for it’s simplicity.

Anthony Vaccarello white Angora Blend Ribbed Turtleneck Dress ($895),

Anthony Vaccarello white Angora Blend Ribbed Turtleneck Dress
Buy It!

I’d wear knee high leather boots and a leather jacket with this dress. The question is” what color boots and what color jacket? Probably my Laurence Dacade black leather boots with the contrast natural crepe wedge heel and my Rebecca Taylor black leather jacket with the contrast collar accessorized with my Phillip Lim black and nude leather tote bag.

Laurence Dacade Black Buckled Wedge leather Boots ($1,125),

Laurence Dacade Black Buckled Wedge leather BootsBuy It!

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Black Nude Leather Tote Bag ($795),

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Black Nude Leather Tote Bag

Buy It!

Shopping for white dresses continued…

This Emilio Pucci ruffled stretch wool-crepe mini dress is also a gorgeous little white dress.

Emilio Pucci white Ruffled stretch wool-crepe mini dress ($1344),

Emilio Pucci white Ruffled stretch wool-crepe mini dress
Buy It!

I saw the dress featured with a pair of Charlotte Olympia red and white pumps. Specifically the Charlotte Olympia Debonaire Sundae suede and patent-leather pumps. They looked pretty cute with the dress. I’d probably wear it with some sexy strappy silver sandals like my Manolo Blahnik Chaos Ankle-Strap Sandals or my Charlotte Olympia Isadora Metallic Nappa Leather Heels and diamond jewelry to accessorize.

One thing I would not do is drink my triple mocha latte while wearing white. For me I never stain my clothes until I wear something white. Only then when I’m wearing white do I suddenly find myself unable to drink without spilling or eat without dropping food on myself.

Note: Maxine is not a real person and her musings are made up stories.
Maxine Hightower
Maxine Hightower
Maxine Hightower is a fictional character. The Maxine's Musings category reflects the musings of this fictional character made up by My Fashion Wants (now avenuesixty.com). The Maxine Hightower posts are currently written by Adela Lewis who is the founder, Editor in Chief, and Creative Director of myfashionwants.com (now avenuesixty.com)


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