There’s sunshine on my street! Finally!

After a few rainy days I couldn’t wait to wear something spring-ready. So here I am. If only I wouldn’t have a long and stressful day! Seeing several clients of my advertising agency can be a tough job at times. When I woke up this morning, I knew I had to dress for stress.dress for stress blush pink beaded collar blouse with pencil skirt 2

I love this outfit for so many reasons.

The blouse is light and its color just brightens up the whole outfit. I didn’t have to worry much about accessories thanks to the beading on the neckline. Also, it’s loose fit so it just couldn’t be more comfortable.

dress for stress blush pink beaded collar blouse

The pencil skirt is so easy to wear: it’s formal, but it also flatters my body type and there are so many ways to mix and match it.

I finally got to try out my new high heels and I couldn’t be happier with them!

dress for stress blush pink beaded collar blouse with pencil skirt 1


I’m spring-ready, so the Sun can shine all day long! This outfit is formal and serious, but also comfortable so I was able to get through the day looking and feeling good.

Whenever you have a stressful day, I highly recommend picking out an outfit that will suit your activities, but avoid any clothing that can make you feel uncomfortable. Too tight or too loose are a no go when you have a long and stressful day. Before you leave your house just make sure you feel good about the way you look and the way you feel! With a little thought, both aspects can turn out just fine.


Where to find the items?

Blouses with beaded collars are very fashionable right now and I fell in love with this one.

You can find some really nice pencil skirts at Mango. I went with black because I thought it will be easy to mix and match, but feel free to choose the length and the color that fits you the best.


Your opinion

What would you change about this outfit?

What do you wear on a stressful day?


Enjoy your colors!






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