Dolce & Gabbana Women Summer 2015 collection


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What to make of the Dolce & gabbana women summer 2015 collection? There are some things that I probably wouldn’t have the courage to try even if I had the money to afford them. The diaper shorts? Are they cute? I’m not sure. The models walked them like they were the hottest things but I’m not sure I was convinced.

model on runway black shorts jacket dolce Gabbana 2015 summer women

Dolce & Gabbana always seems out of reach to me. Their campaigns usually paint a picture of a life that only a lucky few get to live. I call it the Dolce & Gabbana life. It always looks fun and exciting but highly exclusive. I always get the impression that it’s a life only for beautiful women in their late teens and early/mid twenties and rich good looking men up to thirty-five. But this is not about the Dolce & Gabbana life. It’s about the Dolce & Gabbana Women Summer 2015 collection.

Let’s call them high waisted brief shorts

high waisted brief shorts Dolce-Gabbana Women Summer 2015 collection 2

I’m sure these shorts have an official name; but I don’t know what it is. My first thought was that they remind somewhat of diapers; but after thinking about it, I concluded they look more like baggy high-waisted brief panties. So I’ll call them high-waisted brief shorts because they are obviously shorts and not panties. No doubt some of the top fashion bloggers out there can take these and make them look fabulous; but I’m not sure the way they are styled on the runway makes a great case for them being a must have. At least not for me.

high waisted brief shorts Dolce-Gabbana Women Summer 2015 collection 3

The biker shorts with the crotch

dolce gabbana black biker shorts summer 2015 women

I don’t know if I love the crotch of these biker shorts. I half expect to see a bulge such as you don’t typically see on a woman. The pairing of the biker shorts with the ornate beaded top is interesting.

The tiny clutch purses

dolce gabbana tiny clutch purse summer 2015 women

You probably wouldn’t call the tiny clutches carried by many of the models practical; but you might call them charming and cute. And obviously they are made to be charming and cute rather than practical.

The red on black floral print

dolce gabbana black red floral print dress summer 2015 women

The red floral print on black on white polka dot print

dolce gabbana women summer 2015 black on white polka dot red floral print

The black red stripe red on black floral print mixing

dolce gabbana summer 2015 women black red stripe black red floral print mixing

The Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Dolce Gabbana show summer 2015 Milan

People continue to talk about how unfair it is that Kendall Jenner is getting opportunities that might otherwise have escaped her grasp but for her family’s fame. Let’s face it, it might have been easier for her to get through the door, but she still had to prove herself deserving to walk in the shows. And the girl is owning the catwalk. Give her the nod she deserves and forget about the other stuff. Life’s not always fair. Some of us will work hard and never make it because we weren’t lucky enough to know the right people (or we just don’t have what it takes). If you’re lucky enough to know the right people are you going to refuse the opportunities that come your way because you don’t want people to say you had an unfair advantage? Then you might never make it and one day you look back and regret being so stupid to pass up your opportunities when you had them all because you didn’t want people to judge you and say you got ahead because of who you knew. Let people talk. Meanwhile go get yours. Life is short.

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