What’s not to love about fashion blogger Niima Boa’s style? Came across Niima on lookbook.nu.

You can find Niima via lookbook.nu or via niimas.com

Love the all white. The background is awesome. Tip for fashion bloggers. When you’re doing an all white outdoors shoot try to find a nice colorful location to shoot in. The colors in the background really enhance the picture.

This look is featured on Niima.com in a blogpost titled “Time Goes Faster The More Hollow It Is. Lives With No Meaning Go Straight Past You, Like Trains That Don’t Stop At Your Station.” You can find the post with more pictures featuring this look here Love the sleeveless red coat. Will keep a sleeveless red coat in mind for March/April when the temperature begins to get warmer but is still cold enough to justify wearing a coat. Right now we’re about to enter the deep freeze so a sleeveless coat might not be a good idea

Love the flow and fit of the jacket and trousers in this look from November 18 2014. In a post titled “Those Straws of Hair”, Niima writes about this look:

…isn’t my outfit so casual but at the same time chic. I definitely felt fierce in this, especially because it was so comfy and simple. (read full post).

Agreed that this is a casual yet chic look. And definitely does look comfy. Nothing beats comfort. Except for the combination of comfort and style.

Love the combination of colors here. This look is featured in an October 20 2014 post titled “Taking Over Autumn With Statement Bordeaux Jeans…“. You can check out Niima Boa’s style looks via niiams.com or via http://lookbook.nu/niimas. Images used in this feature are found via lookbook.nu


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