CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans

Moschino silk shirt Le Silla strap heel sandals Fendi studded purse Vionnet gold hinged bangle

I have never owned a pair of jeans that cost more than $50. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of jeans that cost as much as $50. I’ve just never had that kind of money. I won’t deny it sucks to not have the option to buy something I see and want. I’m not a materialistic person but it doesn’t feel good when you can’t even buy something because you just don’t have the money.

I can accept not being able to buy a $315 pair of jeans; but right now I couldn’t even buy a $15.99 pair of jeans. I mean I could buy it on credit; but I’ve learned my lesson with purchasing things on credit when you know you don’t have a consistent income and might not be able to keep up with your payments. My goal right now is to pay off the balance on the one credit card I still have not to buy clothes and make the balance grow even bigger.

These CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans look like they are super comfortable. I need a pair of loose-fitting jeans I can wear on days like today when I just don’t feel that sexy but still want to look decent.

CURRENT ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans

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If I did own these jeans” here are some possible ways I might wear them:

CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans outfit #1

CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans

Moschino silk shirt /  Le Silla strap heel sandals / Fendi studded purse” Vionnet gold hinged bangle

Breakdown of the items

The Moschino silk shirt is a bright orange sleeveless silk top that comes with a $505 price tag” although right this very minute as I type it’s available for $252. It’s 100% silk.

Moschino Bright Orange Sleeveless Silk Top

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The sandals are from Le Silla. They are nude leather strappy sandals. In reality I probably wouldn’t wear them as I very rarely wear heels; but this is not about reality. If I were someone else living a different life and I could afford to buy whatever I wanted to buy and I was free to wear whatever I wanted to wear” then I would wear these shoes with this outfit because they add sex appeal and I could use all the sex appeal I can manage to wrangle together.

Le Silla Nude Leather Strappy Sandals

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The Le Silla Nude Leather Strappy Sandals come with a $905 price tag. Just for kicks I could pick up the below for 351.44 – 553.56 less than the price of the Le Silla Nude Leather Strappy Sandals

H M gray jersey top blue denim shorts black white striped top black skirt brown sandals black sandals black flats tote bag blue denim mini skirt

But the Le Silla Nude Leather Strappy Sandals are gorgeous shoes and if I had multiple millions of dollars in the bank I would probably consider buying them just because I like them.

The FENDI Leather Peek-A-Boo Satchel With Shoulder Strap In Milk/Pink is a seriously expensive bag. We’re talking $4″ 240. Can you imagine how many things you would be able to get with that $4,240 if you shopped at the H&M online store or some other store where you can get a complete outfit for under $100?

Fendi Leather Peek-A-Boo Satchel with Shoulder Strap in Milk Pink

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Not suggesting you shouldn’t buy this bag if you love it and want it and you can afford the $4,240 price tag. It’s not a crime to like expensive things and take your hard earned money and buy the expensive things you want. It’s your money and you can and should do with it whatever you desire.

The VIONNET Bracelet in Bronze Gold looked interesting when I selected it but I have since seen a picture of what it looks like being worn and I’m not sure I’m loving the look. It’s non-traditional that’s for sure; but perhaps not my cup of tea.

Vionnet Bracelet in Bronze Gold

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The bracelet is $510. Here’s a photoshopped mock up of how it’s worn.

Vionnet Bracelet in Bronze Gold on wrist

It almost doesn’t look that bad in the mock-up but then again the angles are probably off since a picture of the bracelet has been photoshopped onto a wrist. You’re not really getting such an accurate representation.

CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans look #2

CURRENT/ELLIOTT Washed Cotton Driftwood Destroy Boyfriend Jeans

As basic white t-shirts go this James Perse basic white t-shirt is quite expensive. I mean $130 isn’t that much money given what these high end brands typically cost but it’s still a lot of money for a basic white t-shirt. I featured this James Perse T-shirt a while back in the post “5 ways to wear your JAMES PERSE White V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt – See post

The outfit items

James Perse white v neck tee – a relaxed fitting basic white t-shirt with a soft V-neckline” short sleeves and dropped shoulders. T-shirt comes with a $130 price tag.

JAMES PERSE White Short Sleeve V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt

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CHLOÉ Nude/Chestnut Leather Wedge Sandals – “Chestnut brown leather front strap and contrast stitched welted insole nude double buckle ankle strap nude platform wedge cover”. These are cute sandals but they cost $760. They are 100%Calf Leather but still–why so expensive?

Chloe Nude Chestnut Leather Wedge Sandals

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Ralph Lauren Collection brown purse

Ralph Lauren Collection Leather Soft Ricky Tote in Gold

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This Ralph Lauren bag looks good. From the picture it looks like a high quality well constructed leather handbag; but I remain unconvinced that there is justification to charge such exorbitant prices for these high end merchandise. This bag comes with a $2″ 615 price tag.

The accessories include a Chanel pendant necklace – CHANEL VINTAGE JEWELRY Gold-Plated CC in Circle Small Chain Necklace a Philippe Audibert gold plated cuff bracelet and a Linda Farrow Luxe vintage glasses

I imagine if I could ever afford any of these items I would be living a very different life from the life I now live.


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