Say what? Crucial life lessons you can learn from Paris Hilton? What is this a joke?

Yeah, we know, you think the idea that you can learn anything from Paris Hilton is insulting to your intelligence. We get it. At some point in time there was a social agreement that we would all hate on Paris Hilton because of who she is and because of the way she lives her life.

But you know what? The things about Paris Hilton that you love to hate are things it might actually benefit you to imitate.

Paris celebrates herself and you should too…

We frankly don’t believe the word narcissism should exist. The concept behind it is preposterous. And there’s nothing so silly as one person calling another a narcissist. Because everyone in some way qualifies as being narcissistic. So the whole idea of narcissism should be done away with. Loving yourself is a good thing. Self interest is healthy and both should be as strongly encouraged as loving others and being interested in others.

Take the words from the first line of Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself and make them your motto

I celebrate myself, and sing myself

Why should you not celebrate yourself? Why should you wait and wish and long for others to celebrate you while you spend your time celebrating other people?

Pamper yourself. Primp and preen. And take selfies and post them to Instagram and Facebook and Twitter all you want. Be vain. And if people want to call you names let them. You’re not living your life for them so don’t stop living your life on account of them

Which brings us to the next of the crucial life lessons you can learn from Paris Hilton

Paris doesn’t live in fear of what people think of her and you shouldn’t either…

Paris Hilton on an airplane heading to NYC from LA
Image of Paris Hilton via @parishilton Instagram page – Paris Hilton on an airplane heading to NYC from LA

Pictures like keeping people hating Paris Hilton. There she is sitting pretty on an airplane heading out from LA to NYC where she’s going to be partying and dj-ing and living it up. She captioned this picture

[quote_box_center]Peace out LA! Taking off to NYC for @TheAllisonMelnick’s birthday party at @No8NY & my @AdonMagazine Party & DJ set at @TaoDowntown tomorrow night.[/quote_box_center]

We remember the days when Paris Hilton was always in the news. We had a celebrity gossip blog then so we had to cover a lot of the stories. People really hated Paris. They would write the most ugly things about her. But none of it ever stopped Paris from going about her business and doing her thing. She kept on living her life exactly the way she wants to live it despite what people were saying. And frankly we think that’s how everyone should live.

You shouldn’t spend your life trying to win people’s approval. Or more to the point you shouldn’t live your life trying to avoid their ridicule and condemnation. That holds you back. It makes you not live your life. It makes you not go after your dreams, because you’re so afraid people won’t approve of you. You’re afraid they’ll mock you and call you talentless. You’re afraid they’ll think you’re ugly. You’re afraid they’ll think you’re stupid. The list goes on and on.

Living in fear of people’s opinion is tragic. Let people think whatever they want. They’re entitled. It’s their mind. They can believe their perception of you is the reality of who you are. That’s not what harms you. What harms you is when you allow their perception of you to affect your life to the point where your spirit gets broken and you become unhappy, and you lose your self confidence. And you basically just bend over and let them kick you.

People can perceive you however they want and they can firmly believe they’re right in what they think about you. That has no bearing on your life. Your life is run by your own mind. Other people’s mind can’t run your life. So when you allow them into your head and allow their opinions to drive your choices in life, it’s really you dis-empowering yourself. It’s not them dis-empowering you.

Paris goes after her dreams and so should you…

#HighOffMyLove 💖👸💖

A video posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

We know that Paris Hilton is in a much better position than the rest of us financially. And when you have money it’s much easier to turn your dreams into realities. Paris wanted to release music albums. She released music albums. People think she has no talent. She doesn’t care. She goes into the studio and makes her music anyway.

For the rest of us things are not that easy. It’s easier to just not bother to dream in the first place. Especially for those of us who are average in every way. When you don’t have standout talent, stand out beauty, stand-out intelligence or an otherwise standout personality, dreams can be burdens. Because opportunities don’t usually come knocking on average people’s doors. The world is not designed to allow average people to have the kind of success that is had by the beautiful, the talented, the intelligent and the otherwise interesting people.

But just because it might be harder for you to fulfill your dreams in life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after them.


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