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A super slim cropped coral jeans Tale

Katina wore her MANGO super slim cropped coral jeans to her dinner date with her boyfriend Yuri. She was feeling elated that day. When her boyfriend’s sister Kendra who was also present saw Katina in her coral jeans she said:

“Nice Jeans Katina. Where did you get them?”

Katina said with a smile” “

Yuri had brought his sister along because he wanted Katina to get to know her better. Kendra was his twin and they were very close and it was important to him that Katina and Kendra got along well. They had seemed not to like each other that much the couple of the times they met.

“They look good on you”,” said Kendra to Katina about the jeans.

“Thanks”,” said Katina.

She wondered if she should tell Kendra she liked something she was wearing if that was expected of if it would seem disingenuous if she did it like she was only doing it because Katina had done it.

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