Christian Dior embroidered black and white silk dress

This Christian Dior embroidered black and white silk dress is from Dior’s Autumn-Winter 2013 collection. I can’t find info anywhere about this dress. I guess info isn’t made available to just any ordinary Jane. Either that or I’m just not looking hard enough.

This dress has all kinds of things going on with it–in a good way.

The top part looks like either satin or leather. I’m going to guess satin or some other satiny fabric. The embroidered flower adornments add a lovely” artsy touch and enhance the dress with splashes of bright color.

How low is that plunging surplice bodice? Probably would look better on someone with a small chest.

The skirt features a white mesh underlay with a black tulip shape top part that’s puffed out with some runching action going out around the middle. The mesh part of the skirt is slit in the back.

Christian Dior embroidered black and white silk dress back

I’m assuming the gloves don’t come with the dress.

If I had the chest to pull off such a low plunging neckline and if I had a life that called for wearing expensive designer clothing and the money to go with that life I would definitely add this dress to my special occasion dress collection.

The gloves the model is wearing look quite nice with the dress at first glance but I’d probably do some jewelry for accessories instead of gloves. After staring at the gloves for a little bit they start to look kind of weird to me. I go from thinking she’s about to grab a bucket and a mop to thinking she’s about to take a roast beef out of an oven to feeling like she’s going to reach for my throat and start strangling me through the monitor.

So yeah I’ll pass on the gloves and wear a nice cartier bracelet instead.




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