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Charlize Theron and Kriten Stewart’s Snow White See through dresses

You’ve probably already seen them though but if not (here’s the link),.

Both ladies were decked out in black see thorugh dresses. Kristen Stewart’s dress was a bit more risque than Charlize Theron’s.

I personally think they dressed like that to try to drum up talk and interest in their film what with The Avengers doing so phenomenally everybody’s got to try whatever tactics they can to get some kind of interest in their film.

I don’t know if I would wear either dress. Maybe if I was 21 and had the body of a runway fashion modelo.

Update: The Charlize Theron dress is from Christian Dior. The Kristen Stewart Dress is a Marchesa from the Fall 2012 collection.

Here is a screen capture from the marchesa.com website showing the Kristen Stewart dress (marchesa.com),

kristen stewart marchesa dress snow white


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