In the last article we talked about how clothing can influence our moods. Today we are talking about colors and their influences on us. We all know that the colors of walls can set a certain mood in the room, but can the colors we are wearing influence us too?

Studies say that yes! Professor Karen Pine,  color specialist Leatrice Eiseman and many other specialists have conducted studies to find out why and how clothing colors influence us. According to color specialist Leatrice Eiseman, we all have a very strong connection with colors. The color blue is often associated to blue skies, which is a positive thing – making us feel safe and calm since there are no storms to come anytime soon. Just the same way, almost every color is associated with its meaning in nature.



*I had to choose this picture even though it is older!

Red – the color of passion and love can increase your heartbeat and breathing so don’t wear it if you want to stay calm! Also, I would recommend avoiding it when you are on a diet because it’s known to increase appetite. However, go for red if you want to draw attention to yourself! You can’t go unnoticed wearing red.

Black – We have to admit that we love wearing black because it makes us look slimmer and it’s also classy and elegant. Unfortunately, it also has a negative side to it: it can make you sad since it’s a representative color for loss (think about funerals).

White –  representing purity and calm, white has the power to make you feel relaxed only by wearing it. Technically speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all colors so you can mix and match it with any other color you can think about. It’s bright and happy so it is also a safe bet whenever you need to feel fresh.

Fifty shades of Blue – Do you feel stressed or sad? Grab a blue blouse and get a boost of serotonin! Studies show that seeing blue makes your brain produce more serotonin, which makes you happier and calms you down on a stressful day. 

Yellow – an optimistic and inspiring color, yellow can improve your mood instantly, making you feel relaxed but creative at the same time. Studies show that it can also improve your decision-making and sharpen your memory.

Green – one of my favorite colors, it’s also the easiest color on the eye. This color makes us feel one with nature, relaxing us in difficult times. Symbolizing life, green will improve your mood by making you feel fresh and calm.

Studies have been clear: the colors we are wearing influence our moods, but what about other people around us? People around you will also be influenced by the colors you are wearing. So, while every color sends a message about you, it also sets a certain mood.

Choose your colors carefully, according to your emotions and your goals.


Enjoy your colors!






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