Since I started to write articles on this website, I became a lot more aware of people around me. I’ve always liked observing trends and search for the underlying reasons why people dress and act one way or another. There is a lot of psychology in fashion and in our clothing choices.

One thing is clear: clothing doesn’t define a person no matter if we are talking about random people, fashion bloggers or supermodels.

However, our outfits can speak for us and about us.

Outfits and moods


The relationship between our clothing choices and our moods is not a one way road. We pick out an outfit often depending on how we feel, so this way our mood determines our clothing choices. Also, the clothes we put on determine our moods, making us feel sexy and confident or just sad and unmotivated.

I’ve experienced this so many times. For example, on Monday mornings, when I have to give up on the baggy outfits I fell in love with over the weekend and get back in high heels and adopt a business look. Even though for a moment I would give anything to be able to wear sweat pants at work, as soon as I’m all dressed up I feel fresh and ready to start a new week.

Even though for me it’s not a question of choice, I do advise you to dress up a little bit if you are feeling down. You can try to replace your sneakers with high heels and go from there. Or just wear your favorite pieces, the ones that make you feel authentic and happy. Don’t be afraid to try out some new and funky outfits either! Something fun and a little crazy might be exactly what you need.

I can’t say that an outfit will fix the reasons why you were down, but it can cheer you up a little and make you see things in a different light. What have you got to lose?

405925_305871419463199_868712622_n*This picture is from last year, but funky outfits still cheer me up!

Also, be careful not to wear clothes that don’t fit you! If something is too tight or too loose on you, it can ruin your whole day!

Find out what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse when it comes to clothing! You might find a great trick to use when needed!

But is your mood influenced only by the style you choose to wear or are there other details that you should pay attention to? Find out soon in the next article!


Enjoy your colors!





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