Faux snakeskin animal texture wallet magnetic closer

The picture makes this look like a big sumptuous snakeskin clutch purse but it’s really a small cute faux snake print wallet.

Wallet Caty-T C features animal texture, a magnetic button closure and muti-card compartments.

The wallet is composed of 90% pvc,10% polyurethane.  The lining is composed of  100% polyester.

Animal texture wallet caty Mango snakeskin wallet
Image via Mango.com

Animal Texture wallet

Shopping for an animal texture wallet doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. There are plenty of options for finding an animal texture wallet. Whether you’re looking for a snakeskin wallet like the Mango snakeskin wallet featured here, or you’re looking for a crocodile skin wallet, alligator skin wallet, ostrich skin wallet–you’re sure to be able to find something you like at some one of the many online retailers that sell women’s clothing and accessories.

Animal texture wallets are wallets that are made out of animal skin

If you like the look of animal texture wallets but you’re not particularly keen on the idea of owning items that are made from the skin of animals, you can buy faux animal texture wallets. Whether it’s a fake snakeskin wallet, fake alligator skin wallet, fake ostrich skin wallet or a wallet made from synthetic material designed to resemble the skin of a real animal, faux animal texture wallets can often look enough like the real thing to make for an excellent alternative to the real thing.

Here’s a fictional report about a girl who is conflicted about buying an animal texture wallet

Amanda saw a snakeskin wallet on sale at Mango.com. She really liked the wallet, but she wasn’t sure if she should buy it. Amanda wasn’t a particularly socially conscious person. She certainly wasn’t an animal rights activist. But she did object to animal cruelty, and she preferred to do the right thing as often as she possibly could. She didn’t really love the wallet that much that she couldn’t live without it; but she did like it a lot. And it was affordable. She wanted to buy it; but she didn’t know if that would make her someone who was contributing to animal cruelty. After all, people didn’t really love snakes. They were okay with snakes being killed for other reasons. So were the campaigns against snakeskin merchandise really about the snakes? Amanda wasn’t convinced. She felt like animal rights activists weren’t always noble in their intentions. It wasn’t always about fighting for the rights of animals. Sometimes it was just about being bullies.

Amanda knew she couldn’t really go around voicing such a thought as that–suggesting that animal rights activism might sometimes be more a case of bullying than a case of the activist fighting for the rights of animals. But it was hard for her to believe people cared that much about the rights of snakes. She had a feeling that under the right circumstances these same people would have no objections whatsoever to the killing of snakes. If snakes were being killed for reasons not having to do with human consumption in any way, whether to be eaten by people who eat snake meat or to have their skin removed and used to make snakeskin merchandise, activists would not pay any attention to it whatsoever.

So Amanda was conflicted. Was it really wrong to buy a snakeskin wallet? Would it really be contributing to animal cruelty?

What do you think?

If you were Amanda what would you do? If you are an animal rights activist what would you say to Amanda to convince her that buying an animal texture wallet is contributing to animal cruelty?



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