Here’s another hat I like. It’s a broad brim straw sunhat with braided trim finish. It’s so cute on the model. Goes well with her hair color.
Lakeside by Side Hat – Purchase details

I was complaining in my previous post that I didn’t have any energy to workout. Well I’ve managed to put in 20 minutes of crunches pushups squats and inner thigh work so at least if I don’t workout today I’ll have done some little thing. I think I’ll try to do another set of the same stuff in a little bit and then maybe another 10 or 20 minutes of yoga. We’ll see how that goes but for now at least I’ve done something and 20 minutes is better than zero minutes.

I actually feel a little bit better since doing that brief 20 minute workout. It’s amazing what a little exercise can do for the mind.

Probably what I’ll do for the rest of my waking hours is try to clean up my kitchen. I’ve had the sink filled with dirty dishes all day; and maybe try to pack up a few more boxes. Moving day is next Friday. I need to start working on dealing with the reality of the long bus ride and then the longer car trip and then the reality of waking up in a new state in a new apartment I haven’t seen. I hope and pray the apartment will be at least decent and the experience will be good.

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