Blue top yellow skirt

smiling curly hair woman wearing blue top yellow skirt outfit

We came across this picture today and loved how the electric blue turtleneck sweater looked with the bright yellow skirt. So we decided to do a blue top yellow skirt feature to illustrate how a blue top yellow skirt combination might look. This is for the benefit of anyone who happens to be wondering if you can wear a blue top with a yellow skirt.

smiling curly hair woman wearing blue top yellow skirt outfit

Not everyone would venture to pair a blue top with a yellow skirt. And in this case, with the blue being so electric and the yellow being so bright, even more people might shy away from this particular combination. But we see no reason not to wear an electric blue top with a bright yellow skirt.

Our Blue top yellow skirt outfit compositions

turquoise blue top yellow skirt

Here we try a long sleeved turquoise fitted t-shirt top with an yellow Forever21 mini skirt. The top is a poor girl budget friendly top we picked up from Amazon. It’s priced under $10. The quality is acceptable for the price and purpose.

bright electric blue top yellow skirt outfit

And here we pair another poor girl budget friendly fitted t-shirt top from Amazon with a cute little flared yellow skirt. This top is an electric blue color. It’s also priced under $10, so if you’re on a very tight budget and looking for some affordable long-sleeved t-shirt tops, these are viable options in our opinion.

The skirt is also very affordable at only $19.99 via Amazon. We just recently purchased it and like it so much we’ll be buying some additional colors for upcoming features.

Tip: The safest way to wear a blue top yellow skirt outfit is to wear a denim shirt with your yellow skirt.

Some blue top yellow skirt color combo ideas…

Mustard yellow skirt with a navy blue top

Mustard yellow pleated skirt with navy blue silk top

We came across a picture of Taylor Swift wearing a mustard yellow pleated skirt ith a navy blue sweater. The combination worked quite well. She wore red flats with her outfit and accessorized with a blue bag.

Bright Lemon yellow with deep navy? (Maybe not…) – By contrast we saw another lady wearing a bright lemon yellow maxi skirt with a deep navy blue top. That, in our opinion, didn’t look as well-matched as the mustard yellow and navy.

Yellow skirt with a pale blue top

Butter yellow skirt pale baby powder blue top

Another interesting blue top yellow skirt combination: pale blue (powder blue/baby blue) top with a butter yellow skirt. To keep this look soft and clean we think nude shoes and nude accessories work best. And for a bit of added flavor, we suggest yellow lens sunglasses.

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