I keep seeing Heidi Klum in maxi dresses and she looks so nice in them. Sometimes you think you have to dress to compete with all the hot little things running around in their cropped tops and short shorts but a woman can be sexy in a nice maxi summer dress.

You don’t have to put all your goods on display to be sexy.

Matter of fact getting attention for who you are is better for you than getting attention for how sexy you look and I speak from personal experience on what it’s like to only get attention for how you look.

I’m no super model and you probably wouldn’t consider me beautiful but there have been more than a few men who have crossed my path who did think I was sexy and beautiful; but because I had no self confidence and no self esteem I was presenting myself to them as something to be objectified. By the way I dressed I screamed for attention and I got the attention I screamed for; but when you scream for attention like that the attention you get will usually end up doing you more harm than good.

Men who gravitate to women who are clearly insecure aren’t usually the kind of men who will help to build up a woman’s sense of self. They are usually the kind who will take full advantage of your insecurities and use you until they tire of you then toss you aside and leave you even more insecure more lacking in self confidence and riddled with even lower self esteem.

Maybe if I had been wearing maxi dresses instead of ridiculously short mini skirts I wouldn’t have ended up where I can’t afford to buy myself this dress; but if I could afford it I would definitely get it. It looks nice and comfortable and nice and comfortable is good.

eight sixty Womens Santorini Print Dress

In my personal experience when you dress strictly to get male attention you will usually get the attention you seek but that attention will not usually turn into anything good for you. It is better to dress for yourself not to try to compete with other women for men’s attention but to be comfortable and at ease your skin.

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