Beyonce shows us how to wear denim print hot shorts with a Leopard Print Top


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Beyonce leopard print short sleeve cropped top denim print short shortsLet’s face it” we’re never going to look like Beyonce does in the above outfit. The picture is from Beyonce’s tumblr. She’s vacationing somewhere in the world where you and I probably can’t afford to travel.

How lucky is this girl? She’s got a beautiful face an incredible body hundreds of millions of dollars and the amazing life to go with it all. And you’d better believe her husband worships the ground she walks on. How could he not? Yes he’s JayZ and he can probably have any woman in the world he wants but why would he want another woman when he has Beyonce? I think JayZ wakes up every day and thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world. Hell my husband probably wakes up every day envisions Beyonce and thinks JayZ is the luckiest man in the world.

Okay so now that I’ve covered the necessary acknowledgements of Beyonce’s inimitable awesomeness let’s talk about her outfit.

It has been suggested that she might be wearing this Topshop leopard print high neck top. It’s hard to tell. The tops are very similar; but Beyonce’s appears to be more cropped and the stitching appears different. The Topshop is $40.

Topshop leopard print high neck topBuy It!

The shorts look like they could also be from Topshop. They look like these TOPSHOP **On The Make Shorts by Freak of Nature.

Topshop On The Make Shorts by Freak of Nature denim hot pant shorts

Buy It!

The shorts are about $60. If I was reckless and didn’t know better than to make my present debt situation worse by making purchases on my credit card I would totally buy this outfit. It will cost just $100 to walk around wearing the same outfit Beyonce wore. Another reason to love the girl. She’s not above wearing clothes the little people can afford to buy.

Her jewelry on the other hand more than likely costs the earth and a half. She accessorizes with a thick gold chain necklace and gold cuff bracelets.

How amazing are Beyonce’s legs though? I totally get why men are obsessed with her to the point where some of them do some crazy things at her concerts.

To be so lucky to have it all and then some….

Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
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