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Best Alternative Options for Outdoor Storage Sheds

Everyone could use a little more space in their home, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to keep certain things outside. Some people may keep cherished belongings in a paid storage unit, but if you have the space for it, there are many great options in your own yard. If you want to avoid buying and assembling a kit for a common shed from your local hardware store, here are some of the best alternative options for outdoor storage sheds.

Canopy Tents

One great option for setting up a place to store your lawn gear or tools is to set up a canopy tent. These canopies are often more aesthetically pleasing than traditional sheds. Still, they also typically allow for a natural airflow that prevents them from becoming stuffy and may not require setting a foundation. In addition, many higher-end canopy options have front flaps with zippers and locks so you can still keep things safe and secure.

Refurbished Shipping Containers

Investing in an old shipping container is one of the best alternative options for outdoor storage sheds. Many containers are sturdy, durable, and more secure than the average shed. You can customize and repurpose containers to serve nearly any practical purpose. However, you should install proper ventilation on your container if you have any items that are more sensitive to temperatures and to prevent the air from becoming too musty.

Plastic Tarps

If you’re looking for something economical that doesn’t take up much space, many homeowners use plastic tarps from their local hardware store. You can set down one or more wooden pallets and place common outdoor storage options on top of it, like firewood, shovels, or lawnmowers. Plastic tarps are highly effective at keeping rain and sun off your gear, and you can secure them with some rope and stakes. There may be more elegant or visually appealing solutions, but tarps are safe, secure, and cost-effective.

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