We just came across this cute pic on the Balmain Instagram page. How gorgeous are these two little girls?

Balmain kids campaign ad photo girls modeling
Image via Balmain Instagram @balmainparis

The Balmain kids line will launch in June at #Balmain boutiques and online at Balmain.com according to the info on the Balmain Instagram page. Maybe some of you ladies who can fit into toddler clothes will finally be able to afford to get your hands on some Balmain, assuming the prices for the kids line will be a bit more affordable than the adult clothing. These outfits look grown up enough to us.

Would you dress your under 10 year old daughter in Balmain if you had an under 10 year old daughter?

We can’t personally think of any reason that it would be a problem to dress our under 10 year old daughter in Balmain. We don’t have a daughter but if we did, and if we could afford to dress our daughter in Balmain, what would be the big deal if we did so? Some people might say it’s a bit much for kids to be dressed so stylishly. They might suggest that by dressing them in high end clothing parents are teaching their kids to be overly concerned with image and to value things according to their labels. And they are not allowing their children to be children.

Balmain kids campaign ad photo girls modeling 2
Image via Balmain Instagram @balmainparis

We strongly doubt that kids stop acting like kids depending on what they’re wearing. They’re going to still run around without a care in the world. They’re not going to sit around trying not to get their white Balmain jacket dirty or trying not to get their clothes ripped or dirt on their shoes.

But back to the two girls and the fact that they look better than we do. Some girls just have it all don’t they?


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