When it comes to seeing everything, I certainly have. I was created in London, and was lovingly cut and sown together by a seamstress who hardly ever left her workstation. She would work day and night. Then Jennifer saw me online and ordered me, and I was gone from my London warehouse and was whisked away to the chic New York Manhattan apartment where Jennifer lives.

Blue Burberry trench coat - indigo slate charcoal double breasted

Jennifer is a software executive who is in her early 40’s but can easily be pegged for 28. She looks great as she spends all of her time working out and making sure she is making her goals at the gym.

However, the one place that I noticed that Jennifer had not been taking me was out on many dates. I suppose when you spend all of your time working that it is very hard to find the right date. Well, I was very excited when I saw Jennifer pick me up one night and run out the door rather unexpectedly. What a pleasant surprise, she ran out the door with the cutest guy. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, muscles that went on for days. I knew when I laid my eyes on him that he was going to be one man that Jennifer would be thinking about for weeks simply from the way he looked. He had a Gucci suit, and a swagger that showed that he was all man. When it came to him, I knew instantly that Chad was the man that Jennifer had been looking for.

The couple hopped in a cab and headed to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. When they got there, they looked at the menu ad ordered a fondue appetizer. From the way that Jennifer kept twirling her hair, it was pretty apparent that she was nervous and wanted to be with him. From the way that he was looking at her, it was also very apparent that the two were both thinking about becoming a serious item. By the time that the entrée was served, as I looked at Jennifer I kept seeing her blush and look up at him with a sense of wonderment. Isn’t it amazing what life can be like when you get away from a computer screen? By the time that desert was on the table, the couple was planning how they were going to spend their next date. When it comes to being in a relationship, I think that maybe Jennifer finally learned that you cannot be in a relationship with yourself and that it is equally as important to be with others to make sure that you are able to grow as a person and have the most important thing of all after all, some company and fun. When it comes to life, take it from me, it is very short. It is not the kind of thing that you want to spend behind a computer and not out living as you will be very lonely.



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