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Armpit hair fashion – that whole Miley Cyrus #armpithair thing

So we were browsing the Internet a moment ago and we came across a headline about Miley Cyrus making an armpit hair fashion statement. We clicked to read because, you know, when you’re talking about celebrities, fashion is always part of the conversation and we all know that mixing fashion and armpit hair is a big no-no for women.

Will Miley Cyrus start an armpit hair fashion trend?

Seems Miley Cyrus has been going around flaunting her armpit hair of recent. Girl has not been shaving her underarms. Far from that she has been boldly flashing her hairy pits while preemptively sticking up her middle finger at anyone who might have something to say about her breaking the rules of feminine etiquette. Here’s a screenshot from an article on the Daily Mail website discussing Miley Cyrus’ armpit hair and all the tweeting that has erupted in response to the (offensive?) sight of hair under a famous woman’s arms.

Miley Cyrus armpit hair daily mail
Image via Daily Mail – webpage screen capture

Judging from people’s reactions to the pictures of Miley flashing her unshaven pits, we think an armpit hair fashion trend is highly unlikely.  We don’t see Miley influencing her fans to start a revolution of young women refusing to shave their armpits and going around flashing their hairy underarms.

A lot of people are perturbed by the sight of hair under women’s arms. The thing is, underarm hair is natural. Having hair under your arms is what’s normal. Not having hair under your arms is NOT normal. You have no hair under your arms because you shave it. You shave it because it has become socially unacceptable for women to have hair anywhere but on their head.

We’re not saying we’re digging the pictures of Miley Cyrus flashing her armpit hair. It makes us a little uncomfortable. But we realize the problem isn’t Miley Cyrus’s armpit hair. The problem is our discomfort at seeing a woman with armpit hair. We all have armpit hair! Many of you are sitting at your computer grimacing at the sight of Miley Cyrus with armpit hair while you haven’t shaved your pits yet. And you know you sometimes go a little while before you shave because shaving is tedious. Be honest. Sometimes you just don’t feel like being bothered. And the thing is, you shouldn’t have to be concerning yourself with shaving everyday. Because if you weren’t meant to have hair under your arms hair wouldn’t grow under your arms. Your hair keeps growing back because it’s supposed to be there.

Again, we repeat, we don’t like the look either, even on men. But that’s on us. We’re the one with the problem. Not the person who doesn’t shave. They are the ones being normal. Our reaction, while normalized, is still an abnormal reaction to the sight of hair where hair naturally grows in every “normal” human being who has undergone puberty.

We’re just saying…



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