I recently had an opportunity to try a Puritan’s Pride Argan oil product. Specifically, I had a chance to try a 2 oz bottle of their Perfectly Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. Since it was my first time using argan oil, I can’t speak to the quality of Puritan’s Pride argan oil by comparison to other argan oil brands. So when reading my argan oil review, keep in mind that it is based on my trial of just the Puritan’s Pride brand of argan oil.

My argan oil review

Puritan's Pride perfectly pure Moroccan argan oil reviewI keep reading that argan oil is amazing. And for sure, amazing would be the word to describe any product that can do everything argan oil is said to be able to do. I’ve only been using it for two months now. And I haven’t been religious in my use of it. So I’m going to suggest that I am still not qualified to speak with any authority on the subject of whether or not argan oil is as amazing as it is claimed to be. My argan oil review is based on having not used the product for a significant length of time and having not used it daily during the trial.

A bottle of Puritan’s Pride argan oil

Perfectly Pure Moroccan Argan Oil-2 oz Oil - argan oil review

As you can see on the bottle it says that argan oil provides nourishment for skin and hair.

Like I said I’ve only been using argan oil for two months as of today’s date. I’ve mostly been using it for my hair; and I have to say, it does have some benefits that make it a product worth adding to your arsenal of beauty products that you use daily. But for me personally, not all the claims of argan oil’s benefits for hair are true.

Argan oil review – hair benefits

1Moisturizing hair

I should note that I have very thirsty hair. What I mean by that is that my hair tends to quickly zap up whatever moisturizer I feed it. So it could just be my special hair; but I don’t find that argan oil does anything particularly amazing when it comes to moisturizing my hair. It does help enough to make a difference, but for me, a product has to do more than just help for me to consider it amazing. It has to make it possible for me to wear my hair out every day without my hair turning into a tangled, knotted mass that defies my will when I try to comb it.

To be fair, argan oil has helped to make my hair a lot more manageable. And my hair does stay moisturized longer than usual; but it doesn’t make it possible for me to keep my hair out for any significant length of time. And that’s the real test of amazing for me. The product has to eliminate the need for me to twist or braid my hair in order to prevent it from breaking off in clumps.

2Softening hair

I would have to say that my hair has indeed been softer since I started using argan oil. But again, I have stubborn hair that wants to keep to its old ways. So if I don’t braid it and keep it braided, it’s torture trying to comb it after a little while. For me, the goal is to not have to keep my hair braided all the time to avoid it getting so tangled and knotted and fused together that by the time I manage to comb it out, I’ve broken off much of it. Since argan oil does seem to help with softening I am hoping that after a few more months of use I will see results that I can call amazing.

3Scalp dryness and flakiness

Scalp dryness and flakiness is one of the biggest problems I have with my hair. And nothing has helped to fix this problem after years of searching for a fix. One of the things argan oil is said to do is fix scalp dryness and flakiness. But I have to say, so far I’m not seeing any evidence that argan oil solves your dry scalp problems. But it should be noted that I haven’t been using the argan oil by itself in my hair. I have been mixing it with other oils that are said to be good for hair and skin. So maybe the reason argan oil isn’t providing relief for my dry itchy flaky scalp is that I’m not using it the way it needs to be used in order for it to work for that purpose..

4Hair growth and thickness

My hair is definitely in a growing stage. I started to lose hair in two spots of the front of my head a couple of years ago and I thought I might have to live with the spots for the rest of my life, because nothing I tried would grow the hair back; but the hair is growing back now and I’ll have to attribute that to argan oil. Like I said above, I don’t use argan oil by itself, but it is the only new ingredient I’ve added to the  hair food I make with various oils and butters. I’ve been using my hair food in various configurations for a number of years, and while it has grown my hair without argan oil before, the stubborn spots in the front of my head remained as they were. So I’ll have to assume it’s the argan oil that’s working now.

As for thickness, I do think my hair is thicker. So I’ll venture to say that argan oil can grow your hair and make it thicker. I say ‘can’ because, nothing is always going to work the same way for everybody. It can grow and thicken hair, but whether it will do that for you or not is something you’ll have to use it and find out.

5Eyelash and eyebrow growth

I was applying argan oil to my eyelashes with a clean mascara brush. I was excited at the prospect of growing longer eyelashes. Who doesn’t want longer eyelashes? But I must have gone overboard one day because my eyesight became so blurry I though I was going blind. I flew into a panic because I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. One minute there I was putting the argan oil on my lashes then finishing it with fresh aloe vera gel. The next minute it was like I was in a thick fog. I could not see my reflection. I turned from the mirror thinking maybe it was the mirror, but everything around me was so severely blurred I couldn’t see anything.

So be careful using argan oil on your eyelashes. I haven’t used it on my eyelashes since so I don’t know if it grows your eyelashes. And my eyebrows are already thick and wild and impossible to groom. I don’t need more mayhem going on there.

Argan oil review – skin benefits

I haven’t really been using argan oil for my skin, mostly because I’m still hooked on those Ole Henriksen products. They are still doing wonders for my skin. But one thing I did notice is that argan oil helped to prevent a blemish. I saw a half inch long scratch on my forehead and I applied argan oil to it daily. After it healed up it didn’t leave a mark behind. Usually any scratch on any part of my body leaves behind a mark. But there is no trace of a blemish left behind to remind me of that scratch. So argan oil might be useful in preventing dark spots and other blemishes.

This is it for my argan oil review after 2 months of use

The conclusion: I intend to continue to use the product, and I will write another follow up argan oil review after I have put in another few of months of use. If by that point I’m still finding it useful, even while it might not yield amazing results, the results are positive enough and plentiful enough to justify adding it as a product used in my regular beauty routine.

Puritan’s Pride was kind enough to donate the trial bottle of argan oil, along with a handful for My Fashion Wants to giveaway. in or MFWFanBox. The price of their argan oil seems about average, and they frequently run 2 for 1 specials which is always a welcome deal. I think sometimes they even hold 3 for 1 specials. So you can get up to three 2oz bottles of argan oil for $30. That seems  like a bargain based on the price of the leading argan oil brands. So if you’re looking to purchase your first bottle of argan oil I’d definitely recommend checking Puritan’s Pride to see if they are running any 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 specials.

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