Beautiful or Average?

Which category do you think YOU belong to?

There is simply no better way to start this new section of “Lifestyle” than with Dove’s new campaign.

Running an advertising company makes me keep an open eye for new ads and campaigns all over the world and analyze them from a specialist’s point of view. Being a woman, makes me see all these campaigns and ads subjectively and judge if I they make me feel good in my body or not.

After analyzing all sorts of campaigns, you’d think I got used to the emotional rollercoaster and I cannot be touched easily. Not in my case! I still tear up at some videos and Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaign is one of them. Take a look at the video!



There is so much pressure on us, both women and men, every single day. We all have to do our best at work, be our best selves for our loved ones, be good friends, be healthy, work out and also look good, all at the same time. No wonder we often get lost on the way.

Some of us forget to feel Beautiful somewhere in between all these roles. Social media, mass media and society have a huge effect on our self esteem too. No matter how many articles there are on “feeling good in your body”, there are still the skinny, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect skin women who make the covers of magazines and who present us a great variety of products in advertisements.

So, being put in front of two doors, Beautiful and Average, a lot of us would choose Average. And that’s a shame.

We need to be reminded that we are BEAUTIFUL! All of us! A skinny body, beauty products, fancy clothes and perfect skin will not make us Beautiful! They may make us feel better for a short amount of time, normally just until we discover that being Happy and Beautiful has absolutely nothing to do with society’s imposed views on this subject.

I’m here, after being “the fat girl” all through highschool, after going out of my power in order to lose weight, after eventually losing a lot of weight, after trying out every beauty product there was trying to heal or cover up some imperfections on my skin, after dying my hair in every possible color and right after discovering that I’m exactly the same person I was with a few pounds more and with all of my perfect imperfections. I’m not prettier, I’m not better. I am Beautiful just as I have always been! 

We are beautiful when we love ourselves. Sooner or later, we all come to love ourselves. Just imagine that you are 70, sitting on your porch and watching your grandchildren or great-grandchildren playing in front of the house while you drink your tea and read the morning newspaper on a beautiful summer day. Will it matter if you were skinny and perfect when you were 20, 30 or 40? Will it matter if you had the perfect body, skin or hair?

After all, being Beautiful is a matter of choice and you make that decision every day. Are you going to let other people’s standards tell you who you are? Or are you going to see yourself just as you are? – Beautiful in every single way! 






  1. One writer wrote about four types of beauty.It seems people have their own view about constitutes beauty but we tend to under-estimate ourselves.It’s okay to under-estimate ourselves, you know blowing your own trumpet is self-destructive

  2. Well, extremes aren’t the only way, are they? While someone who is blowing his own trumpet, like you say, can be extremely annoying, someone with very low self esteem can suffer a lot. Extremes are not recommended, for sure.


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