Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Animal Print Wool Hat Dove remote and Martine with glasses and a hair clip

Ok yes my title makes no sense. I cannot explain it either although I know what it means. I figure since nobody reads this blog but me anyway I can write whatever pops into my head and not worry about having to try to explain it. So where would I wear this animal print wool hat? I do not know. I don’t go anywhere. Literally. animal print wool hat - Gata C Floppy wool hat in animal print with contrast ribbon

This hat is from Mango. It’s described as a Floppy Wool Hat In Animal Print With Contrast Ribbon. I can see wearing this hat with a long black jersey knit tank dress and animal print ballet flats.

I am a bit absentminded at the present moment” distracted by thoughts about my life and my fear that I might never get out of the rut in which I have been stuck. My financial situation is still dire. I am making less a dollar a day from my various blogs. I haven’t been working on my novel because I am not settled down enough in my mind.  The new place isn’t growing on me yet. It’s not home yet and I cannot relax long enough to do much of anything.

Animal Print Wool Hat Free Writing

Me in my animal print wool hat walking talking thinking doing nothing as I pause and ponder though I am not supposed to pause or ponder given that I am free writing and the dryer is stop thinking you are not supposed to think just write and let your mind go blank and let the words come out onto the screen however they come. One two three and then the tiger fights over the rainbow for the shake your head and resist the impulse period. Yes the wind and the rain and the mighty ox are the way to the throne of the pitiful thinker who shakes her head and tries to resist and then there is nothing but the sound of the dryer.




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