TODAY’S MOST WANTED: Anabela Chan earrings Posie 18K Yellow Gold – Multi-Stone

Saw these gorgeous 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Stone Anabela Chan earrings while browsing on Wish they weren’t so expensive. I would definitely buy them if not for the $2000 price tag. Then again, these are post back earrings, so I wouldn’t actually be able to wear them anyway. I would have to get my ears pierced. Unless there’s a way to wear post back earrings even if you don’t have pierced ears. Anybody know of any tips and tricks?

Anabela Chan18K yellow gold multi-stone earrings
Anabela Chan18K yellow gold multi-stone earrings – image via

From the description on the ModaOperandi website these Anabela Chan earrings are 18K yellow gold and rhodium vermeil, enamel, mother of pearl, lab grown diamond, peridot, pear cut emerald, 16ct, pave and prong set pear and round brilliant white and canary diamonds. If there’s anyone out there who could make me a pair of clip on earrings that look similar to these contact me to discuss. But don’t contact if you’re going to be expecting me to pay anything close to $2000. I don’t have that kind of money. If I did I would just buy these Anabela Chan earrings and call it a day.

Anabela Chan earrings 18K yellow gold multi-stone earrings
Anabela Chan18K yellow gold multi-stone earrings – Image via

Cute right? Love every detail of these earrings.

And they aren’t the only Anabela Chan earrings that I wish I could add to my jewelry collection.

Anabela Chan earrings rose vine earrings – image via

I love the pink sapphires used for these rose vine Anabela Chan earrings. I wonder though, should sapphires and other gems that are made in a lab really cost as much as the ones mined from the earth? It seems to me that if you can grow them in the lab, then they aren’t really precious gems any more, because they can be lab produced, and so they should not cost the same as precious gems.

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