Alisha was a beautiful and elegant cocktail dress (a Roberto Cavalli dress) who had been purchased off of, where she had been the subject of a beautiful advert with a lovely young lady modeling her.

Alisha was black and sparkly and had mesh sleeves that were lovely and perfect. She knew that she was the perfect dress for any woman who purchased her because she had the details that brought out her form and her best features. When it came to looking fantastic, Alisha knew she was the perfect dress to ensure that any woman would look amazing.

Alisha, The Roberto Cavalli Dress

Alisha’s life had been a long journey so far, she went from the designer racks in Italy to the streets of New York when she was bought by Jennifer.

Jennifer is a single executive from a technology firm who is always busy with work. When she first bought me, I sat in her closet for somewhere around three months before she finally pulled me out of the box and put me on. When she did at that very moment, I heard her gasp in the mirror, and I was able to see why. She looked amazing with me on her as I was hugging every single line. The curvy lines in the bodice and skirt of my design were perfect on her frame as she was probably a 4 if that. She looked as though she was going to go in some place and was going to take over in me.

ROBERTO CAVALLI dress Embellished Cocktail Dress

She was so much of a work body that it was very hard to tell where she wanted to go and what she was going to do. She always goes to her job and she looks very professional but a bit like an overgrown hacker who should be focusing on her look and not so much on her career. Do not get me wrong, she always makes all of her numbers and seems like she is working on the best solutions in the long term for her job but not for her personal life. When she bought me, I know she was not thinking she would find a great date, but it happened.

Styling your Roberto Cavalli dress Alisha the Roberto Cavalli embellished cocktail dress
Style idea – Guiseppe Zanotti crystal embellished sandals, crystal drop earrings Saint Laurent bag

Jennifer met Chad online; she met him using an application that would allow them to discuss and to also have a good idea of who the other was before they met. Jennifer had been very disappointed in the past by men who had not been the best for her and she has continued to shy away from dates on a regular basis. She decided though to take a chance on Chad and put me on for a night out on the town. She was very happy with the way she felt in me, she loved the way that she felt. Jennifer decided that she was going to go out and was going to have an amazing date with Chad and that she felt confident. I am never going to tell all that happened but I will say that Jennifer was happy at the end of the night!


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