This Fendi bag charm comes with a $972 price tag!

Fendi bag charm Bag Bugs Key Charm with Fur
Fendi bag charm Bag Bugs Key Charm with Fur – image via

Bag charms are cute, if you’re into that. I’m not into bag charms, but I still think bag charms are cute, and I like this cute little critter from Fendi. Fendi bag charms are cute for sure; but come on now with the ridiculous price tag. $972 for a furry little charm toy that you clip to your bag? That’s just crazy to me.

Would you spend $1000 for a bag charm even if it’s a Fendi bag charm?

I wouldn’t spend $100 for a bag charm that wasn’t made from 24 karat gold or that didn’t have some other valuable justification for the price tag, much less to spend $972 for a bag charm? Even if it’s a Fendi bag charm. So silly, and that’s putting it nicely. I know these rich ladies on Instagram buy up these things like they are candy that cost twenty-five cents. And I guess if you can afford it and you want it, buy it right? I mean. $1000 to a lot of these women is like twenty-five cents to me anyway. Must be nice…

Here’s the view from the back for this cute little Fendi bag charm thingy that will set you back almost $1000.

Fendi bag charm Bag Bugs Key Charm with Fur back viewDon’t get me wrong. The thing is cute. Right. I wouldn’t say no if someone was stretching out their hand with it asking me “Do you want this?” I like cute little trinkets as much as anyone else. Well, maybe not as much. Because, truth me told, if I had my last dollar and I would never in a million years spend it on a bag charm. I’m not a bag charm kind of lady. But I do think the critter is a cutie. Now if it could talk and do magic tricks like make a million dollars appear in my lap, then by all means I would spend my last dollar to buy this Fendi bag charm, if it did cost a dollar and could do magic tricks.

If you like this Fendi bag charm and you can afford the $972 price tag, you can find it at

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