Gray is one of the colors of the 2014 trends that made it to 2015 successfully. Although it may look lifeless at times, combined with the right colors and shades, gray proves to be very versatile.

So how to find the right color mix?

Light tones of gray work perfectly with jewel tones such as cobalt blue, ruby or violet and even black. The lighter the gray, the darker the shades of the other colors should be.

Dark tones of gray work with lighter colors, such as white, light blue or light pink.



I went with white since my shades of gray are darker. This way, the pants get most of the attention, while the gray compliments them.

Monochrome gray outfits work perfectly as well and minimalist looks are in trend!


Go for silver! Silver will match the gray and make the other colors pop out! You can also match your accessories with the colors you are wearing, just make sure the tones match the gray too!




Where to wear gray?

If we are talking of Grey, everywhere! Gray, the color, is also wearable in most of the situations. It’s elegant, simple and classy. However, color specialists say gray communicates isolation and independence. You should probably avoid wearing gray in an interview for a job that requires team work, just to be sure you are not sending the wrong message.

Where to find the items?

You can find amazing loose fit trousers right here – they have gray ones too!

For gray tops, don’t hesitate to see what H&M has to offer – they also have a Voucher promotion you can take advantage of!


Enjoy your shades of gray!




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