5 ways to wear orange this spring #3 and #4


Spring is gone. This post did once have content featuring the #3 and #4 ways to wear orange for the Spring of 2014. But that content has been deleted. While I am typing this it is near the end of Summer 2014. Soon to be officially fall. The original post was written back in February 2014. Here are some orange items of clothing that I wouldn’t mind having in my closet starting with a cropped top from Rochas.

Orange crop top Rochas

This top is on sale at the present moment for $565.00 at farfetch.com. Sales of course don’t last forever and things sell out so this applies only for the present date. The original price of this top was $1,130.00. This would be a nice top to wear with a pair of denim shorts in Spring, or with a pair of white shorts, or a denim mini skirt in the traditional blue color of denim or in white, or khaki. Of course you could also wear it with jeans. I’d use it for warm weather wear because the collar doesn’t suit wearing underneath another top. At least I don’t find it very comfortable to wear something with a collar underneath something else with a collar; but I guess you could wear it under a collarless jacket.

Seller says…

Orange crop tank from Rochas featuring a classic collar, a front button fastening, darts to the chest and a side zip fastening.

PRICE: $1,130.00Buy It!

If you like matching this skirt appears to be made for the orange rochas cropped top above

Orange a-line skirt from Rochas

Seller says…

Orange a-line skirt from Rochas featuring front pleated details, a back zip fastening and a short length

PRICE: $1,168.00Buy It!

If wearing the top and skirt together would be too much orange for you a nice white top would be great to wear with the skirt. The style of the top would depend on the event you were attending.

Orange on the street

Spring 2014 is gone but Spring will come again so here are some ideas from stylish fashion bloggers for ways you can wear orange in Spring 2015. It’s a little early but that’s the way it works in the industry anyway. This is blogger Hollie Hobin from London, United Kingdom. She blogs via the website holliehobin.co.uk. She’s wearing an orange wrap over dress by the Australian brand Keepsake. She’s wearing her dress with flat sandals.

Another orange wrap dress being worn by blogger Erika Marie of fashionchalet.net

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