5 Roland Mouret dresses we want in our closet


    Roland Mouret dresses are beautiful, gorgeous, chic, sexy, sleek, sophisticated and everything that is synonymous. This is according to our findings upon querying Google to find out how other people are describing Roland Mouret dresses. We are still chasing our dreams so we don’t happen to have any Roland Mouret dresses in our closet. But based on the pictures and videos we’ve seen, we agree that the French designer’s dresses look beautiful, sophisticated and chic.

    We were doing some virtual wishlist shopping on the Roland Mouret website recently, and we selected five dresses that we would love to have in our closet.

    Check out the video to see our selections from the Roland Mouret Spring Summer 2016 Collection.

    5 Roland Mouret dresses we want in our closet

    In no particular order of importance…

    The ‘Dunmore’ Roland Mouret dress in tomato red

    Roland Mouret Dunmore dress tomatoe red

    According to the description on the seller’s website this is a dress that ‘redefines power dressing’. The dress features:

    • Oversized capped sleeves
    • A slicing V-neckline
    • A fitted waist shapes
    • Mid-length hemline

    The Dunmore dress is ‘crafted in tomato red puckererd stretch’ fabric. It comes with a $2,295 price tag.

    Material: 57% Polyamide; 16% Viscose; 15% Acetate; 11% Cotton; 1% Elastane

    What we love about it…

    We love that the dress is designed to allow a woman to feel feminine and sexy without having to put her parts on display.

    The ‘Lendal’ Roland Mouret dress in saffron yellow

    Roland Mouret dresses Lendal in bold saffron yellow rose fil coupe



    The Lendal dress comes with a $3,720 price tag.

    It features:

    • An unconventional neckline with folds and twists
    • An angled neckline
    • A fitted, sheath silhouette

    Material: 49% Viscose; 26% Acetate; 15% Viscose; 5% Silk; 3% Polyester; 2% Elastane

    What we love about it: We love the simple yet classic style of this dress. It’s the same as we said above, this style allows you to wear a dress that is fitted without that dress having to cling like a second skin and expose all your parts. So you look elegant and beautiful and you look sexy, but not the kind of sexy that makes you look like you got dressed for the sole purpose of drawing attention to your various parts. ‘You’ will be the focus in this dress–not your body parts.

    The ‘Cliffon’ Roland Mouret dress in tomato red and lapis blue paisley jacquard

    Roland Mouret Cliffon dress tomato red and lapis blue paisley jacquard

    The Cliffon dress comes with a $3,005 price tag.

    It features:

    • A modified halter neckline
    • Drop cold shoulder detailing

    Materials: 67% Acetate; 28% Silk; 5% Viscose Rayon

    What we love about it: There’s something about the style of this dress that appeals to us particularly. It evokes a sense of stylish comfort with just a hint of sexiness, and that’s what we’re all about. We like to be comfortable above all but we still want to look stylish and feel like we still have a little something to work with even if it’s just a little bit of shoulder and back.

    The ‘Goldney’ Roland Mouret dress in white


    Roland Mouret dresses white Goldney halterneck dress with dropped cold shoulder sleeves

    The Goldney dress comes with a $2,115 price tag.

    It features:

    • Dropped cold shoulder sleeves
    • Racerback straps
    • A fitted sheath silhouette

    Materials: 63% Viscose Rayon; 34% Acetate; 3% Elastane

    The ‘Shannon’ Roland Mouret dress in black

    Roland Mouret Shannon dress in black

    The Shannon dress comes with a $2,645 price tag

    It features:

    • A boucle lace halter neckline
    • Delicate spaghetti straps
    • A nipped-in waist
    • Sheath silhouette

    Materials: 47% Viscose; 45% Acetate; 5% Polyester; 3% Elastane

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