Delpozo dresses are not designed with the 9-5 working girl in mind… DELPOZO yellow strapless Double Paper Twill Mini dress

You’ll need $2,500 to get your hands on this gorgeous dress from Delpozo. This strapless yellow dress is made of 56% Cotton, 40% Paper Fiber and 4% Polyester. The lining is 100% silk. The dress is said to deliver “sophisticated drama with a sculptural silhouette rendered in yellow paper twill.”

What we love: the vibrant yellow color; the shape of the dress

How we would wear it:
with nude or silver metallic heels accessorized with a nude or silver metallic clutch or shoulder bag.

DELPOZO yellow Double Paper Twill strapless Mini dress

DELPOZO Embroidered Silk Organza Sleeveless

DELPOZO Embroidered Silk Organza Sleeveless dress

The price tag on this dress is out of this world. But the dress is beyond gorgeous. We’re guess the $10,450 price tag has something to do with the silk organza and “sequin floral embroideries”. What girl wouldn’t want to have this dress in her closet? But maybe it’s a bit too opulent for us ordinaries. Where would we wear such an extravagant dress?

What we love: just about everything; but mostly the embroidery detail, the “collared neckline” and the pleated “pop of pink along the hem”.

Dress is made of 64% Silk, 25% Cotton, 7% Nylon, 4% Polyester. Lining is 100% Silk.

DELPOZO multicolor Embroidered Silk Organza Sleeveless Dress

What do you think of this dress? Would you buy it for $10,450?

DELPOZO Embellished Washed Twill Dress

DELPOZO Embellished Washed Twill Dress

Another gorgeous Delpozo dress. This one is not quite as expensive as the silk organza sequin embroidery embellished $10,450 dress but it’s still got a pretty hefty price tag. To get your hands on this beauty you’ll need $4,700. Dress is an off-the-shoulder red dress adorned with “subtle floral embroideries”. It has a gorgeous pink pleated hemline and “sculptural sleeves”.

This dress is made of 58% Silk, 36% Cotton and 6% Nylon. The lining is 100% Silk.

What we love: the contrast of the red and the pink; the “sculptural sleeves”; the pretty embroidery design; the off-the-shoulder style.

DELPOZO Embellished Washed Twill Dress

What about you? What do you like about these 3 Delpozo dresses? What do you not like? Which one is your favorite and would pay the asking price to get your hands on it?

Ready to buy one of these Delpozo dresses or want to check for other Delpozo dresses?

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