Models hand holding Hermes 35Cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly handbag ivory white beige

A bag named after Grace Kelly would have to be exquisite and beautiful; but does it warrant a $21″ 500 price tag?

Imagine a briefcase appears in front of you suddenly. You open it. It contains $21 500. Would you use the $21.500 to buy this vintage Hermes 35Cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly handbag?

I get the whole idea that Hermes bags are like works of art because they are all individually hand crafted. I get that they aren’t made for women of my lowly station; and the women for whom these bags are made can afford to pay the hefty price tags. In fact they love that the bags have this quality of exclusivity to where you have to be on a waiting list to get your hands on one. It makes owning a Hermes bag that much more awesome. You know you’re somebody special when you own a Hermes bag.

If I could afford to buy the $21 500 Hermes 35Cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly bag I’m not sure I would buy it just because owning a Hermes bag would put me in an exclusive club of people who are special enough to own a Hermes bag. If I had money to where spending $21 500 on a bag wouldn’t be a big deal the only reason I would spend $21.500 on a bag would be because I love the bag so much I just have to have it regardless of the price.  I don’t think there’s much to admire in women who buy expensive things just to show off how much money they have or because they buy into the idea that it makes them special to wear high end designer labels. If you have the money then by all means buy what you love and want because you love and want it.

The $21,500 Hermes 35Cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly bag ($21″,500),


Hermes 35Cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly handbag ivory white beige

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Seller Details

Named after Grace Kelly the Hermes Kelly bag reflects the poise and glamour of the famous star and Princess of Monaco. This vintage Hermes 35cm Swift Leather Ghillies Kelly rendered in Gris Perle & White is part of the Ghillies collection inspired by the Scottish Ghillie Brogue shoe. French Designer Pierre Hardy created the collection for Hermes in 2011 and only a very select few are produced every year in color ways that are then discontinued. The two-tone Ghillies bags are a collector favorite. Hardy often calls upon the heritage of the brand for inspiration and the Ghillies collection is exemplary of that. The bag features a single rolled top handle detachable shoulder strap with lobster claw clasps belt-style strap with branded gold turn lock hardware at the front flap padlock-and-key clochette and protective gold metal feet

  • Stamp: P Square
  • Pristine condition
  • Made in France
The $21

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