The MET Gala is taking place tonight. So it seemed only fitting that we should attempt a MET Gala Fashion post.

If you have no clue what the MET Gala is, it’s a fundraising gala that takes place annually. It is formally called the Costume Institute Gala. Other names known by: Met Ball. The funds raised at the MET Gala are to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

From the perspective of the general celebrity watching public it’s an event that celebrities attend where they get to show off their super fancy super expensive clothes and in cases like Beyonce (is this chick’s figure for real) their amazing bodies.

The MET Gala benefit seems to be something celebrity women look forward to every year. It’s an event that, at least from what it appears, allows them to be their most shamelessly vain. And we’re not saying that to judge them. We think sometimes it’s okay for a woman to be shamelessly vain. We should go all out to celebrate our self at least a few times per year.

Beyonce MET Gala seethrough dress
Image via Beyonce’s Instagram – Beyonce modeling her sexy MET Gala dress

Do you think Beyonce was totally wrong to wear what she wore to tonight’s MET gala? Or do you think Beyonce can do no wrong? We get that see through dresses are perfectly okay to wear if you’re a famous woman; but we’re not sure what to think about the fact that we can see as much of Beyonce’s butt as she’s showing us. She does have an amazing figure though. You almost have to just hush your mouth and bow your head…

Here are some of the other Met Gala Fashion photos that are circulating around the web

Kendall Jenner wearing a Calvin Klein Collection jade green crystal-encrusted dress

Kendall Jenner wearing a Calvin Klein Collection jade green crystal-encrusted dress
E! Online via Twitter: Can we talk about how stunning Kendall Jenner looks at the Met Gala?

We have to agree with E! Online. Kendall looks amazing. We’re loving her Calvin Klein Collection jade green crystal-encrusted dress.

Rihanna in a dress designed by Guo Pei

Rihanna Met Gala Guo Pei gown
BET via Twitter

We’re not sure what to make of Rihanna’s ensemble. It has already been mocked with people editing the train of the dress to make it look like a pizza pie, the yellow brick road, and an egg in a frying pan. We love Rihanna so we’re not going to say anything bad about her dress. But we did laugh at the egg in a frying pan picture. We’re sure Rihanna will laugh when she sees it.

Er, hmm… Jenifer Lopez wearing a Versace dress…

Jennifer Lopez Met Gala 2015
Getty Images via Daily Mail Celebrity via Twitter

What can you say about that? Does it sum up what MET Gala Fashion is all about? – It’s interesting to note that Beyonce’s dress is way more risque than J-Lo’s and yet J-Lo seems more inappropriately dressed? Ageism?

Kim Kardashian wearing a sheer Roberto Cavalli

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Met Gala 2015
BillBoard via Twitter

Kim Kardashian’s 2015 Met gala gown apparently reminds a lot of people of one of Beyonce’s past MET Gala looks. So people are saying that she copied Beyonce’s look. We think it’s a bit of a silly argument to make. The wearing of see through dresses to gala events did not start with Beyonce. And these days all you ever see are celebrity women on red carpets wearing see through dresses.

This will be it for our Met Gala Fashion showcase…

There are plenty of other pictures all over the Internet showing what all the other ladies wore. There were many interesting gowns. Lots of open back and cleavage as to be expected.

Whose look do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.


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