This black and gold sequin embellished Alexander McQueen Floor Length Gown is available for sale at It costs EUR 9,839.00 which in US dollars comes to $10282.25 (based on the exchange rate when checked at 3:12PM CT on 12/23/2016). Clearly not a gown for us ordinary girls. But let’s say you had all the money in the world and could afford to buy anything you wanted. Would you pay $10000 for this dress?Alexander McQueen Embellished Floor Length Gown black gold sequin

The sequin detail on this dress looks pretty impressive in this close-up shot

 Alexander McQueen Embellished Floor Length Gown via

Alexander McQueen Embellished Floor Length Gown via

The dress is an impressive dress. Definitely looks ornate and dramatic as described. It has a very stately, queenly vibe. Not a dress that would fit well into an ordinary lifestyle, which is probably why it isn’t priced with the ordinary girl in mind. Women who require stately, queenly gowns can easily afford to pay $10,000 for such gowns.

If I had the money and the occasion called for a $10000 gown, I’m not sure this would be my first choice. I’m not particularly loving the way it looks on the featured model. But then, she’s being shown from a side view. Side views can be deceiving. Even so, while I love the design on the dress, and while I think it looks stunning and would be a great dress to have the opportunity to pose for pictures wearing, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to try to own it. What about you?

Alexander McQueen Embellished Floor Length Gown
Alexander McQueen Embellished Floor Length Gown – Image via

But it definitely would be awesome to be able to try it on and take a few pictures, though. Of course for that I would need access to an exquisite locale that would do the gown justice. My embarrassingly poor living room just wouldn’t do as a backdrop for a photo shoot with this ornate, expensive dress.


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