This is a fashion blog so we’re going to have to find a way to tie the title of this post to fashion. Everyone knows Ivanka Trump has a clothing line. We’ve featured some of her items here before. In fact, until her father entered the US 2016 presidential race, those who knew anything about Ivanka knew of her as a result of the Ivanka Trump clothing brand. Now it seems her brand is playing second fiddle to her political interests. So much so people are wondering since when was she so interested in politics and what is her real agenda. The suspicion is that she’s just trying to grow her brand even more using the popularity she gained as a result of her father’s campaign, which of course ended in his becoming the 45th president of the United States. But could it be possible that the trumps are thinking Ivanka should be the one to make history as the first female president of the United States? Is her sudden interest in politics the beginning phase of a planned 2024 run for the White House?  Ivanka Trump first female president of the United States 2024? Sounds crazy right? But could that be something the Trumps are thinking and talking about?

It sounds nuts of course; but we’re not the only ones to whom this insane thought has occurred. We googled “Ivanka Trump for president 2024” and we discovered there’s already a facebook page dedicated to this. The page is described as being “dedicated to Ivanka Trump becoming the first woman President of the United States after her father’s terms”. And apparently Ivanka was asked about her political aspirations earlier in the year, and while she answered that she’s wholly committed to her lifestyle brand, she is also quoted as saying: “I have learned in life to never say never! It is too limiting!”

Ivanka Trump at Aston PA on September 13th 2016 01
By Michael VadonOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

So, if other people are already fantasizing about Ivanka becoming the first female president of the United States in 2024, why wouldn’t the Trumps themselves be fancying it only fitting that Ivanka should take over the helm of running the country when her father’s terms expire? And in the words of the person who created the facebook page for Ivanka’s 2024 campaign, “keep America great”?

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In 2024 Ivanka Trump will be 43 years old. At 35, her current age, she’s already old enough to run for the office of the president. But it is unlikely she will run in 2020, unless for some reason her father, the president-elect as of today’s date and officially the president of the United States after January 20th 2017, chooses not to run for re-election in 2020. It’s unclear if Ivanka is still a Democrat who voted Republican because her father was on the republican ticket. It’s hard to imagine that if she is indeed fantasizing about becoming the first female president of the United States, she would run as a Democrat. To have any chance whatsoever at pulling off such a feat she would need to run similarly to the way her father ran. She would have to run as a Republican. Or else she would have to run as in Independent and make history not only as the first female president of the United States, but also the first Independent candidate to win the US presidency. Both seem like farfetched ideas; but as her father has proven with his victory over Hilary Clinton, everything is possible.


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