My Fashion Wants is a blog about style and fashion that presently acts as a liaison between online fashion retailers and shoppers. We showcase products that we would love to have in our own closets. We also review products that we have personally purchased as well as products that have been donated to us.

My Fashion Wants also acts as a personal fashion blogging outlet for its editor(s) and freelance contributors.

Who’s behind it?

The founder, creative director and editor in chief is Adela Lewis

Guest Contributors

  • Brigitte Evans
  • Helen Bradford
  • StellaRyne
  • Alycia Gordon
  • Constante

Inactive Contributors

  • Andrea Szemkovics
  • Diana Farca
  • SherĂ©e Wright
  • Annelies Veldman
  • Charlene L
  • T. Lynch


Myfashionwants.com is affiliated with a number of online fashion retailers including top sellers of high end designer brands as well as sellers of highly stylish but more affordable apparel. As an affiliate myfashionwants.com features merchandise from these retailers in blog posts and provides a link from myfashionwants.com back to the merchandise on the retailer’s website. When someone purchases an item from the retailer as a result of following a link they click on myfashionwants.com, provided they do not return the merchandise, myfashionwants.com earns a small commission.